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July 23, 2007


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» Helping to create even more blogs from kiss2
When I wrote my blog-baby case study (23.07.07) I mentioned how one thing leads to another:...(plus the project has taken a turn a very unexpected way: it will be used for our trial blog-workshop next month, we might create a [Read More]


Stuart Baker

Karin, there is lots of wisdom and specific help here. I see your wings expanding. That is a good thing!

I find it so interesting how many of my favorite bloggers are expanding and shifting what they are doing since blogging. Hmmm, I suspect a connection....

Great stuff, my friend.

All the best,

Stuart Baker

Karin H.

Hi Stuart

Wings expanding, I like that phrase. It's exactly as I feel, thank you my friend.

BTW, does this count as (part) contribution to the tag you gave me on my 'learning edge'? ;-)

Karin H.

Stuart Baker

Karin, I don't know what BTW means, and I am not sure I get the connection you are making. Would you please explain?



Karin H.

Hi Stuart

Sorry for the confusion.
By The Way, I was wondering if you would approve of this post being part of my 'learning edge' tag.
This project was a steep 'learning curve' for me and it occupied my mind/hours/feelings a lot - still does to be honest ;-)

You let me know, yeah?

Karin H.

Stuart Baker

Karin, you can use any of this in any way you wish. I am a big supporter of yours.

Be well.


Kent Blumberg


Great post and great story. Nicely put. And thanks for the mention.

As you continue building this new part of your life, you might enjoy getting in touch with Mike Sansone, of Converstations blog . He has grown an entire flock of blog babies in his hometown - a journey you seem to be embarking upon.

Karin H.

Hi Kent

Yes, I know Mike and his blog very well.
As for blog-babies, blog-workshop they seem to grow on me somehow ;-)
For instance, this afternoon I'm asked to participate in a blog workshop in South Africa (very handy, Skype!) how having a blog can accelerate your business organised by the WorldWideCreatvie team.
Should be fun!

Karin H.

Steve Roesler

Should be required reading for someone starting out, Karin.

And let's face it: there's no better way to learn than from having a look at what went wrong and why. That's something that I actually have programmed into my schedule!

You're a terrific helper!

Karin H.

Well thank you Steve!

Karin H.

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