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November 12, 2007


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Robert Hruzek

Gee, Karin! You did what I would have done had I more time. Thanks a herd; I appreciate it immensely! What a pal!

Karin H.

Hi Robert.

Where are pals for anyway? Specially the 'turtle' kind of pals ;-)

Karin H.

Brad Shorr

Hi Karin, thanks for putting together this awesome summary! Those excerpts make browsing the posts a real treat.

Karin H.

Hi Brad

My pleasure.

Just thought I put little teasers everywhere - all contributions for WILF are little treasures, worth discovering (and perhaps a 'map of teasers' would make it easier to 'find'?)

Karin H.

Joanna Young

Karin - this is so generous of you. Thanks a million!


gl hoffman

Thanks karin...appreciate your thoughtfulness.

J. Erik Potter

Hi Karin,

Thanks for the link! For some reason, it didn't show up in Technorati until today. Very strange.

Karin H.

Hi J. Erik

Strange indeed, but better late than never ;-)

Happy New Year

Karin H.

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