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May 07, 2009


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Angela Wills

Hi Karin,

I'm slow to catch this but I just noticed you linked to me so thanks for that!

Yes no-reply is silly and it also annoys me when people use blogs and don't allow comments. I know Seth Godin does this but it seems to me a blog is for community and if you don't want people to comment then really you just have a website, not a blog.

Karin H.

Hi Angela

You've put it - again - extremely astute: "if you don't want people to comment then really you just have a website, not a blog".

Amen to that!
And to be honest, with no-reply or no-comment, you miss plenty of the fun of being part of the community, be it just a one-off community (like a single reply to one of your email messages or a nice comment on one of your blogs, a 'like-this' on Facebook or a retweet on Twitter) or a long term community. We ourselves receive plenty of replies to our email autorespond messages and that's where the communication takes a step further - and we love it!

Karin H

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