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August 07, 2010


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Dave Blakeman

Hi Karin,

We sell software to home improvement businesses. I've always taken the approach that anything we can do to help our customers will ultimately benefit us too. So we provide all sorts of advice on the web site and through regular mailings. I even provide specific advice to customers or prospects, and I would say that few if any have abused this by continually asking for more advice.

Further, I'd say that taking the time to help makes us explain things more clearly, and that has a value in itself.

If helping people eats into our profits a little today, not helping them will do far more damage tomorrow....

Karin H.

Hi Dave

Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment - various blogs of mine have been on serious spam attacks lately and I've now placed most of them in moderation mode for the time being.

Love your last sentence and fully agree with it.
We're conducting a survey at the moment among our contacts (newsletter readers) and one comment stood out (from a fellow trader even) on the question what Wood You Like did well (if not best):

"Answering questions that many companies wouldn't feel comfortable offering free advice on."

Says it all I guess. It not only "sells" the products/services we can supply, it also seems to make us well known and appreciated in the trade.

Karin H

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