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February 23, 2011


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Paul Reid

Hi Karin

I was duped similarly by this petrol station too. However, the £1.40 odd price you mention could have been for the upgraded diesel which is somewhat higher than the standard diesel. I filled up on Sunday at the shell garage on the A249 and paid your price for the fuel save diesel. This claims to save you a litre of fuel per tank fill up and is higher quality to boot, which is supposed to save your engine too. I can confirm that my diesel car does run a lot more smoothly on this high priced stuff, but have an open mind as to its other benefits.

Whatever, I do agree that we are not so much filling up with fuel these days but just filling the govt. coffers with more tax, for which they reward us with the means to get around briefly before we pay again.

Fuel prices all over Europe, it seems, are ridiclous, but no more so than here in the UK where us sorry lot are overcharged on everything we buy.

Prior to the problems in the Middle East the cost of fuel in real terms was actually falling, only the tax putting it up.

Karin H.

Hi Paul

You could be right about the power diesel - I've checked the receipt and it does say that. But on the other hand, Shell Lychgate cannot give an excuse like that - board broken - to anyone who questions the price, not can they not have all fuel available listed, they have to make it clearer - also at the actual pumps what type of diesel is in there.

We're in business too and we follow the strategy: the more you tell, the more you sell. No hidden "dupe everyone into buying the highest priced item" here, ever.

Oh, btw, Shell's national customer service number is not being answered (tried three times yesterday) and emails to them are replied with through a "no-reply" email address. It seems Shell does not want to interact with their customers - what else is new!

Don't blame the government for everything, the big oil companies are getting richer and richer - using every excuse (govn, tax, vat, middle east problems) to hike the prices.

Karin H


These guys at Faversham are complete con artists. I used to use them all the time but never again! They had a glitch with their PDQ machine and charged me twice but when I realised and told them they refused to refund my money and became extremely aggressive! Even when I had proof.

Beware of these guys, just drive a bit further down and go to the new Tesco, might be a bit busier but you won't get shafted!

Karin H.

Hi John

With PDQ matters we always immediately contact our bank, they sort it for you if you have proof. (Happened to us when we hired a van and all of a sudden we were charged for so-called damage - no signature on receipt, so bank credited our account straight away)

Karin H

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