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June 10, 2011


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Very good observation about the hand written envelope, they always get my attention as well, 'who could this be from'.

I like the idea of dividing the database as you've suggested and then having 3 or 4 different format letters/e-mails etc.

Dave Blakeman

Well said! Years ago when I first started our business we didn't even have a formal customer list, and I suspect that this is true of many start-ups. When someone asked the question "who are your customers?" I was seriously embarrassed (and fixed it quick!)

I think this is a great example of someone copying a tactic (handwritten envelopes) with no understanding about the background (people appreciate REAL personal attention, but it needs to be done consistently).

Also, the costs of doing this properly mean that it's probably worth pre-qualifying the leads (maybe by phone first) before sending the mailing. Then the letter could say "Dear Karin, I know we've never met, but after we spoke on the phone the other day....". Now THAT would be something novel...

Karin H.

Hi Mark

In my experience it does not take longer to write two separate letters than it takes to write one. Most often it is just one or two paragraphs that needs to be different, the main body - the new product, the new service, special offer etc - is the same.

Thanks for dropping by.

Karin H.

Hi Dave

That's the impression I got too: they seemed to have picked up a trick or two without understanding the complete picture.

And your example is great, the approach of referring back to an actual conversation - however short - would definitely get my attention.

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