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April 19, 2014



As a landlord I agree that all things of a maintenance nature should be done within a reasonable and manageable time and that the tenants should do all they can to accommodate the maintenance person(s)and not to be obstructive in allowing access as so many are. At the same time Estate Agent (letting agents)should be doing regular checks on damage done by the tenants so that any damage can be rectified and not left to the end of the tenancy.
Any other monies owed to the Landlord should be taken from the deposit (that's what it's for) whether it be for damage or rent arrears.

Karin H.

But you are not an obnoxious landlord, Peter.

In the above story the landlady - nor the estate agent - took steps to rectify or solve any (large) issues in the property, but did deduct money from the deposit for miniscule items.

And that is not correct IMHO. Therefore the Tenancy Deposit Scheme should really and actually protect the deposit better (for both sides if you like), not the way it is constructed now.

Karin H

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