Time to get an edge

Doing it by the books (or blogs)

Like most business owners and managing directors I’ve read many books on starting, running and growing a business.
Can you learn how to run a successful business by reading books? I still don’t think so, because every business is unique.

You can however pick up ideas from business books (and business blogs nowadays). If it has worked for other business why not try it out yourself? Most times on a small scale of course, but none the less, nothing wrong with trying. If it doesn’t work – and do give it a bit of time -, next step is to try to adept the idea to your unique business profile/concept.
If it still doesn’t work for your business, stop with that particular idea, but remember you’ve learned something important anyway. Running a successful business is as much of knowing (trial and error) what doesn’t work as what does work.

The main objective of this blog is launching, discussing, brainstorming and testing ideas, the simpler the better. Some might work for you; some might not.
It’s the trying that matters.



Yeeha! Nice one Karin - awesome to see you are up and running. We will be watching avidly from down here in SA! Keep it up.

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