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New phrase or new phase?

I like reading, always have done so and think always will do so (and writing for that matter). Lately I only seem to read (and write) non-fiction books, blogs and newsletters. Picking up ideas, interesting thoughts; sometimes mind provoking or revolutionary thoughts.
And sometimes very simple – wish I thought of that one – ideas.

Like yesterday when reading more (blog)articles in “Small is the new Big” from Seth Godin. One phrase really hit me and made me even laugh out loud. We all know of the value of ’word of mouth’ for business-success, growth and marketing aims. We also know that many ways of marketing are changing rapidly, especially on line, and terms and phrases are ‘invented’ on a daily base (and most times these new terms and phrases aren’t really ‘getting the message’ across).

Think about this one and tell me how easy it is to understand, to interpret and to make into a new, exiting and successful marketing aim:

“Word of Mouse”

And although I'm sure some will say: heard, read, saw, used, know that phrase already, I only discovered it yesterday in Seth's book ;-)


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