Shall I ‘wrap’ it for you?
Doing it by the books, again

3 Remarkable stories: Watershipdown, Mamut and Google

1) Watershipdown:
My partner was installing a wooden floor in a neighbouring village yesterday. When he came home he said he wasn’t sure if the local butcher there was either very clever or very stupid.
In the butchers’ shop window he had seen this large poster:
“Seen Watershipdown?
We have the cast right here!”

2) Mamut
Due to the growth of our customer base lately we found our home-build database was beginning to let us down. We could either spend hours (days more likely) of redeveloping, enhancing the database ourselves – and still end up with not exactly what we need – or finally spend some money on a proper CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software package.
The latter won, and instead of wasting hours searching online for the best program I called my friend Lesley (computer training). She said I could choose between ACT or Mamut.

Online research told me that ACT was from Sage (and I hate Sage), so onto the Mamut website. With two clicks I downloaded the whole scenario of Business software of Mamut, you then select the specific program you want to test out (free for 30 days!). I was immediately hooked and (through The Laptop Man also recommended by my friend Lesley) bought a licence. Licence arrived (by email) the following day.

Yesterday (two working days after buying the licence) I received a courtesy phone call from a William at Mamut. It turns out he is my personal Support Manager! He asked me if I liked the program (yes, definitely), if I had any problems with the program (yes, one minor problem, which he solved immediately by telling me where in the program I could change this little issue) and if he could be of further assistance (no, thank you, not at the moment, you’ve been great).
Low and behold, 10 minutes later I receive a personal email from my personal support manager with his email-address and normal - not an 0870 - landline telephone number! WOW

3) Google
One of my personal (free) email-addresses is being flooded with spam lately. I don’t use that address much, but it’s always handy to have an alternative if the main email server is down. Lately I also heard a lot about Gmail, the free newer version of Google mail. Onto the website, found Gmail and found a sign-in box: Sign in to Google mail with your Google Account. Great, I already have one, so that’s handy!

Nope, after typing in my account details Google then tells me:
Sorry, this is not a valid Google Mail login.
You cannot log into Google Mail using your Google Account username and password.”
But you just asked me!

To cut a long story short, it took me over 15 minutes to find out that anyone not having a mobile number that’s listed in the 9 Countries Gmails’ sign-up page mentions has to be invited by an American friend!

Can I be bothered? No, not anymore.

In just 1 minute I created a working email account on MSN

Moral of these stories?
one company/product I definitely will recommend to everyone, one company/product definitely not.

And the butcher? My partner is still talking about it, so he’ll be doing alright I think.


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