TrackBack or TrekForward?
Thank you, aggressive Salesman!

Aren't databases wonderful?

They are. Our company use them on a weekly bases if not daily. New prospects are added; when they become customers our database is adjusted accordingly and so is our little software program we use to send out email newsletters etc. Handy, time and 'paper' saving tool, databases are.
Every company should use one (or two) to keep in touch with their prospects in order to turn them into a customer. And of course to keep in touch with your customers (happy reminders ring a bell?)

Then why does one of my suppliers keep sending me 'newsletter' emails filled with offers we can benefit from once we become a customer?

We are a customer!


Freddy Rodrigues

Yes, you are 100% right. I also have a few irritating suppliers trying to sign me up when I'm already a paying customer. We find that e-mail newsletters work a charm. What you dont mention though is how hard it is to actually use your database regularly - as this is the only way it works (the 'tap dripping' approach). It takes so much energy and effort to think up, write and then send a newsletter, that it's sometimes easier just to 'forget' to do it.


Agree with that one. So next on my list to do is to try out this 30 times free access on a new bulk-email software program I found online: creating email-series for various groups, making the follow-up a bit more automagically.
"All" I have to do now is to write the series ;-)

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