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Thank you, aggressive Salesman!

It happened last month and it happened again this week. Aggressive sales tactics from a competitor (operating National) turned two prospects into happy customers for us.

So, please go ahead with your aggressive and intimidating tactics, dear competitor, we will always base our dealings with customers on mutual Trust and Respect: trust in our own products and service, prices that reflect real value for money and respect for the wishes, circumstances of our customers.

I don’t understand that in this day and age of changing marketing ideas (proven ideas), based on one-to-one interactions between provider and customers, companies still think they can force their products by pressing the prospect for hours and hours. In the end the product is even heavily discounted in order to just get the sale.
Does that build trust in the products or company – if you can give that much discount what’s the quality going to be like -  or respect for the customer – if I said yes an hour ago I would have paid over the odds - ?
Or as Seth says: marketeers (read companies in this case) should not confuse polite fiction with fraud.

Why not keep your dealings simple: these are our products, these are our prices, this is what we can do for you as respected customer – you, the customer, decide if it fits your bill. No fiction, no fraud, only politeness.


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