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TrackBack or TrekForward?

This blog is only one month old. It’s my second typepad blog (see WYL FAQ for my first blog in typepad). Where the first one is purely business orientated: helping our Wood You Like customers in a modern online way, the Kiss2 blog is completely different: focusing on business concepts (not just our own), marketing ideas and overall trying to make business simple.

I’m discovering benefits/features of Typepad on a weekly base. Just ‘discovered’ the TrackBack feature (by reading Seth’s blog and who doesn’t read Seth’s blog?). Where you normally expect comments being listed on the daily topics; Seth only shows ‘TrackBack’ entries from other bloggers. A great way to ‘land’ on other interesting blogs. I know that when you make a ‘comment’ on a blog’s article you can link to your own blog also, but the best part of track-back is that it immediately brings you to a ‘sort-like’ or related topic.

This is what Typepad’s help page says about TrackBack:
“In a nutshell, TrackBack was designed to provide a method of notification between websites: it is a method of person A saying to person B, “This is something you may be interested in.” To do that, person A sends a TrackBack ping to person B. TrackBacks are typically sent from one weblog to another when one publishes a post that includes a link to the other weblog.
The idea of a TrackBack is based on the principle of push, rather than pull--if you want to share information with another website, you initiate the connection, rather than waiting for the other website to discover you (and your information).”

But here is the part where it really starts to get interesting:

“Although TrackBack's most prevalent use thus far has been as a form of remote commenting, a more exciting use has been emerging: using TrackBack to aggregate content into topic-based repositories.”

I just feel this feature/benefit has been named wrongly. The only one tracking back is the writer; for readers of a) the original post and b) the link ‘related’ post on someone else’s blog they ‘Trek’ forward, not back.
When blog b also gets ‘TrackBacks’ from other bloggers the fun part starts: as reader you can ‘Trek’ forward to the next blog and to the next and to the next.
I.E. instant access to associated, sort-like articles (or disagreeing articles of course) on associated or sort-like blogs.

I.E. creating ‘TrackBacks’ from your own blog has in my opinion two separate but equal important benefits:

One – you help spreading an interesting idea written by someone else who has the same interests as you have (otherwise, why would you read his/her blog?)

Two – you have to really focus on your own new article you want to TrackBack to make it worthwhile enough for other readers to ‘Trek Forward’. In other words, just saying: “Oh I agree totally with this blogger what he/she wrote today” I would even consider outside ‘trek-iquettes’ (coining a phrase based on “netiquettes”).

Or as Seth says in Ponzi, Pyramids, MLM, Ads and WOM...:
“the 'side benefits' are actually the real benefits”

And from the TrackBack list on that topic I ‘Trekked’ forward to Huey’s World which is an interesting blog on its own.

And I’m sure I will be Trekking Forward on many more occasions.


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