3 Remarkable stories: Watershipdown, Mamut and Google
Are we digg-ing too deep?

Doing it by the books, again

Two months ago I started this blog with: Doing it by the books (time flies when you’re having fun).
Books always had (and always will have) a great influence on my life, be it novels, Sci-Fi, study-books and historical-fictional books or much more important nowadays business books.
Shane (Ideate blog) asked the same: what are we reading stating the same sentiment I have “- challenging the way we think about culture and business”. I even started my first Squidoo Lens (Kiss 3) on that subject.

Where to start on finding the right books, the books – stories – that can have a far-fetching impact on the way you think, behave and do business?
Good to Great by Jim Collins and Co was recommended to me by Fred (WWC), others I found through more Squidoo Lenses.
(Side-tracking here a bit: everyone is an expert and building a Squidoo Lens is a great and simple way to recommend your favourites – books, movies, restaurants, countries, people; you name it, the list is endless – so what’s keeping you?)

At the moment I’m reading “The Long Tail” by Chris Anderson and I rearranged my toppers list of best Business books on my lens straightaway. 
80/20 Pareto? No longer valid.
Mass marketing? No longer valid.
Mainstream products? No longer valid.
Niche markets, even micro-niche markets, that’s the future, big time!

(Aren’t we lucky then to have chosen early on to become a ‘specialised’ retail business, able to cater for niche products and services ;-)


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