Book review: The Goal - Eliyahu M. Goldratt
Book review: Small is the new Big - Seth Godin

Book review: Kick Start Your Business - Robert Craven

PR: 7
On Kiss3 I wrote: "More than your average present from your bank or business adviser". I received this book from my bank-manager (Barclays - Ashford) when we decided to 'go-it-alone' after being made redundant. Top reading stuff when you start a business, practical, readable and very helpful.
Later on I had the pleasure of attending two workshops/seminars run by Robert Craven; interactive workshops as they should be. If you ever have the opportunity to be invited to one, don't hesitate to go and participate.

(The name on the picture below is 'just' the person who wrote the foreword, not the author - that is definitely Robert Craven)


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