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Tagged: 5 things you didn'€™t know about The Kiss Business.

Thanks very much Fred! Here goes:

  • Love blogging (yeah, you all knew that already, but after 5 hectic and stressful years in '€˜survival mode' being able to put '€˜random€' thoughts to paper is a real liberation)
  • I '˜published' my first short story when I was seven years old (actually it was my mother who send "The flying piece of paper and the talking pen" to the local newspaper)
  • My best Sinterklaas present was a typewriter when I was ten years old (present also counted for my birthday almost a month later, I always hated that '˜connection'; very unfair in my young eyes)
  • I can't sing, but that didn't stop me to write a musical (and got it performed by the school choir at my secondary school end 70'€™s)
  • Seeing the first stack of 30 copies of the first 'novel'€™ by my own hand was a sight for sore eyes (reading the kindest foreword ever in it topped that).

OK, now I have to pass the buck to.... (and this is the hardest part of this tag, how many other bloggers do I know??)

Gareth at Business at Marketing meets Technology
Huey at Huey's World
Adrian at Help4You

BTW, Merry Christmas to you all.


Mike Perk

Very Interesting!!

Happy Christmas from all of us at World Wide Creative


Karin, thanks for the tag. I apologize for the slow response. Love reading your work! Currently playing catch up on responding to comments, and tagged you before I realized you got me first. Best of luck with the new year..rick

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