Book review: The Long Tail - Chris Anderson
Book review: The Goal - Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Book review: Unleashing the Ideavirus - Seth Godin

I'm reading this at the moment (turning into a real Seth fan it seems), so I will include a temporary PR for the moment: 7 going to 8.5 / 9

The 'problem' I have is trying to translate this for a retail business, unleashing a virus into the a) world-wide-web and b) our prospects and customers. I have several ideas for that (my little note-pad is never far away when I'm reading, only hope I can still read my scribbles later on ;-))

If you have read "The Tipping Point" (BTW Malcolm Gladwell wrote the foreword), you have a pretty good idea where this book is all about. Just be careful, the virus of these ideas might be 'catchy'.


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