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What's in a name: Brand definition defined

'Trekking forward' from Seth's blog, I ended up at another blog: Business - Marketing Meets Technology (think the bloggers name is Gareth, can't find any 'about me' details - hint, hint?)

The first paragraph has wording straight out of my heart:
"Normally I tend to shy away from using the word "BRAND" because it is very often mis-interpreted to mean iconography - and then a whole day is wasted with inane, unresearched comments and opinions about color and symbology when we should be talking about values and meaning."

and further down it states:
"Brands are not plans, they are not pictures, they are not mission statements or positioning texts - they are experiential. They are now, they involve the audience. You've got to be there, you've got to perform but without an audience, and without their reaction - you've got nothing."

One of the chapters in The Kiss Business novel (our 'story' to keep it in line with both blogs) states exactly the same sentiment, glad others, more and more others, are thinking the same.

Branding, marketing, PR? What's in a name? It all comes down to the same policy: making sure the public knows about you (business, products, service) in the most positive way.

A logo doesn't do it.


Gareth Davies

Hint taken.

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