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Z-list? great, another list

As a Seth blog reader I 'discovered today someone created another list: this time of 'blogs you should read'. Great, another list with ranks and you can even vote on it (or add another but who's you think will be added most: chest tapping I call that)

Besides that, I did notice something peculiar when I had a random look at blogs listed: most are based in the US of A (and there I was, thinking blogging was a world-wide phenomenon). Most be down to blog-networking ;-) ?

I did add one of the mentioned blogs to my RSS feed. First of all the name 'hit a nerve': flooring the consumer; hurray, another blog written by a woman in the flooring business - I'm not alone ;-) secondly I will be very interested how changing marketing perception in the floor covering retail businesses across the ocean is evolving; I will keep a close eye on that one to see if changes are 'local' or world-wide.

So, thanks for the list, it's a great way to find interesting - related blogs, but voting?? No thanks, not for me.


Added 28 December:

It seems the 'added' idea of being able to vote is back-firing already (thank goodness ;-))
See excellent posts on the subject at Scott Burkett's blog
and another excellent one at Liz Strauss' blog



Trust you to be bloging on Christmas eve:-)

I can't believe you've now sent me to another list. I'm adicted to lists, which now means I have to go through each link and sort it/rate it and store what I need. So much for my Christmas in front of the TV.

Merry Christmas and keep up the great blogging,

C. B. Whittemore

Thank you very much for mentioning Flooring The Consumer. I look forward to learning more about your blog, and am delighted to encounter another woman flooring blogger! Tot ziens!

Liz Strauss

Thank you for the link, but even more thank you for the comment on my blog that shared your thinking.

I'm all for the intent of finding great blogs to share, but well, you know the rest . . .


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