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Z-list meme extra-ordinary result: I'm a SOB ;-)

Was it only 3 months ago I wrote my first entry on this blog? (time flies when you're having fun and let me tell you, I am having fun with blogging - writing and more over: reading others)
And I'm 'learning'/discovering more and more blog thingies as I read and write on.

One month ago Mike and Shane pointed me towards an easier Internet tool to follow my favourite blogs (RSS feed in reader)

Two weeks ago I'd never heard about the 5-tag meme phenomenon - I have now

One week ago I'd never heard from the Z-list - I have now (and all the discussion that came with it) More over, I discovered many more very interesting blogs and my RSS reader is getting busier and busier.

This morning I'd never heard from SOB's - I have now ;-)

What a very nice present and recognition for a 'starting' blogger - Liz, thanks very, very much. I'm honoured and touched to be on the list.

Successfull and Outstanding Blogger - according to Liz


Liz Strauss

I hope you'll have a chance to jump the time zone now and then to get to know some of us over at Successful Blog. I think you'd fit right in! :)


I'll try, Liz and looking forward to 'meet' everyone.
At the moment my desk as well as my desktop are filled with little notes of things I plan to/have to do - nothing to do with New Years Resolutions, 'normal' work I'm afraid ;-)

Happy New Year!

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