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Best 60 seconds presentation (BNI week 05/2007)

Over two weeks ago I wrote about BNI Ashford (after a 'blog-discussion' about how to prepare and deliver a great speech on Kent Blumberg's blog)

This morning I was at BNI Ashford again and I thought I sit up and take even better notice of all members' weekly presentations (the tips of Kent in the back of my mind) to see who I thought would deliver the best this morning.
Low and behold, the chapter committee had the same idea! The best 60 seconds will now be judged every week by the 'winner' of the week before. For starters this week's judge was John Grantham (Grantham HR Consultancy) who recently dedicated the educational slot on how to make the best of your 60 seconds.
I was curious if he and I would 'pick' the same winner of the week (crystal trophy as a 'reward', to hold on for just one week).

Well, we did.
Winner of this week (05/2007) was Steve Osborne of TMC (The Mortgage Company). During his 60 seconds Steve managed to explain very clearly why his company was different (independent), what extra services they provide (dealing for you with all parties concerned, including estate-agents, solicitors and surveyors) and what he wanted as referral today. And he made that very simple for everyone: if you would swap jobs with me for one day, who would be the first on your list you would call to become your mortgage customer?

Side-note: best 'catch-phrase' of the day has to go to Alice Spink (of Windmill Communications), subbing for The Power Service (after explaining how important it is to have your electrical wires tested and in good order): "or it's not only your electricity bill that can give you a nasty shock".




A good 60 second commercial should also be loud and impressionable. I stood up on my chair once at BNI and used all the people in the group as seated props to show how my business differs from others, and how I could literally stand out from the rest. Beware of the boring, break away from the sells, but charisma keeps your name ringing in their heads for days on end, and thats how referrals get passed...


Hi Bryan

Thanks for dropping by with this. You're right, your 60 seconds should have a wow-factor. (Let me set your mind at rest, Steve's had, he's that kind of person anyway). Plus as member you have to think: do I want to hear boring, every week the same 60 seconds from someone? Of course not, then what's holding yourself back in that same matter?

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