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Book review: First, break all the rules – Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman

Subtitle: What the world’s Greatest Managers DO differently .
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Over the Holiday season I’d chosen some other reading material than marketing and although I don’t manage employees it’s been a worthwhile book to read for various reasons. I will mention the two that struck me most:

Good management is about getting the best out of your people/employees/team for your company. Not by setting strict steps all must follow to the letter, but by setting the ‘outcome’ you expect from them.
IMHO this idea is a great help/tool for one or two-man-bands, like we are. Of course we don’t manage employees (yet) but we do have a ‘team’ we do have to manage. With team I mean our suppliers of products and all necessary services.

You can use exactly the same practise in selecting and managing this team as you would your team of employees:
Define the outcome – not the steps - you ask from your team based on

·    What’s right for my customers
·    What’s right for my company
·    What’s right for each team-member individually

You don’t dictate how your supplier (product or service) should work (i.e. which precise steps he should take) but if you inform him of the outcome you expect from this ‘team-member’ you’re becoming a better manager, he has more chance to become a valued team-member and therefore you can create a better company/organisation.

Teambuilding is trying to identify each member’s talent and to help cultivate those talents – by casting them in the right role, not by being pre-occupied on fixing weaknesses.

And that brings me to the second item that struck me.
I have been an employee for over 21 years after all – who hasn’t been in some time? – and this idea/practise made me realise why I wasn’t happy in certain departments under certain managers and vice-versa; why I was happy in certain departments under certain managers. It wasn’t the department – type of work, it was the certain - great - manager that made all the difference.
The best times I had when my strong points (talents) were fed and acknowledge, and best of all: challenged to become even better and to learn even more.
(Side-note: replace the words great manager with great mentor and the challange is still on - thank goodness)

Read and learn ;-)


Liz Strauss

Hi Karin,
What a great read this review is! You bring so much to what is obviously a fine book. Thanks for pointing it out to me. :)


Hi Liz

Glad to be of service ;-)
It is really a very fine book and a great read.

Kent Blumberg

I love this review. It's especially compelling because you bring your personal perspective into it. Well done!



Hi Kent

Thanks for this. I just love reading good books that bring various aha-moments I can relate to, or make me more aware of why I (or others) react to certain situations in the way I (they) do.
It's about 'learning' again, isn't it? What makes us tick?

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