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Further thoughts on 'enough is enough'

Last week I asked the question, more for myself after a 'complaint' by my partner when enough is enough in regards to reading books, blogs etc on growing the business as well growing as an individual.

Comment made by my mentor on this 'issue':

"Remember, "Success is the journey", not the destination - you never stop.  Like anything in life you move on just a little more each day.  We all do - even I keep reading, attending seminars, talking, etc etc! 

I will never know everything - how boring is that?"

Well for one thing, he's never boring.

Read another wonderful quote on this only yesterday (because I will keep reading of course):
"It's more important to know some of the questions than all the answers" (James Thurber)

Learned something again, just by reading
(Side-note: last sentence could be entered in the Keep it Brief contest!)



Karin, as a old frined of mine always said, "Readers are leaders and leaders are readers". I think the real challenge is making sure that your mind doesn't get 'cluttered' by all the variations and flows of thinking. Every now and again I go and delete blogs from my RSS feed reader if I feel I'm not really benefiting from them; clear the air so to speak.


Hi Shane, thanks for dropping by and your comment (wise as ever).
Know the feeling and try to keep the 'dead-wood' out of my thoughts (and RSS feeds of course), but most are very interesting or inspiring.

Kent Blumberg

Karin and Shane - great stuff. I've been tracking the blogs I read for a few days - trying to see which ones are good enough to prompt me to do something (like comment - Kiss2 passes the test!).

"Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-truths and Total Nonsense" by Robert I Sutton and Jeffrey Pfeffer can help weed out the good business writing from the bad. See my summary posted July 26, 2006.



Hi Kent

The first guideline on your list stands out:
Treat old ideas like old ideas."

Well, that's another book to put on my wish-list ;-)

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