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Let's be brief, but keep it simple

Robert Hruzek on Middle Zone Musings has thrown down a gauntlet:
Let's be brief (no boxers, please)

  • "First, some background
    In the business world (and other worlds too, I suppose), it occasionally pays to be brief (thank goodness blogging doesn’t!) Not everyone has the gift, I know, but perhaps practice is all you really need. I’m guessing lawyers would be good at it (because they’re always writing in their briefs) but I know one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was write an abstract for the first proposal I ever did. Have you ever tried to condense and summarize 96 pages into two paragraphs? (Well, I couldn’t do it either – mine was almost two pages. Umm, I’m almost sure that’s why we didn’t get the work.)"
  • "Have you ever tried writing within extremely severe constraints (time, space, words, content)? Sure you have! Not so easy, is it? What if you were given an assignment where you had to write a complete story, but were limited to, let’s see… we’ll make this a hard one: six – yep, you read it right – only six words?"

Read more on the gauntlet, the contest ends on Sunday 21 January.

Our take on this: keep it brief and Simple and we've entered the contest with a double

"The catchphrase, it tells the story"
"Wood You Like, Natural Wooden Flooring"


Robert Hruzek

Karin, thanks for joining the fray! Er - you misspelled my last name, though. (Don't worry, everybody does it!)

Don't stop now! You still have through Sunday to come up with more...


Hi Robert Hruzek ;-)

Sorry for the typo, will adjust that (because I hate it too when others get my name wrong - and that happens frequently when you have a slightly different spelt name than 'country-common' i.e. 'English' Karen versus 'Dutch' Karin)

I will enter another one in the contest today, the one I 'stumbled' upon writing another post.

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