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Pre-book review: Citizen Marketers and the 1%-ers

Last month I ordered another book: Citizen Marketers by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. It was more pre-ordering, the book was just launched and it can take a while before it crosses the ocean.
This weekend I received a letter and the 1% patch from the authors. Part of the letter reads:
he 1 percent patch from Ben McConnell - Jackie Huba
"Thanks for being part of our Citizens Marketers book launch! In return for purchasing a copy of the book during its launch, we are sending you this 1% patch.

Why a 1% patch? The people who write blogs, record podcasts or otherwise create content as a hobby are the early adopters -- the outlaws of culture. Their numbers are small, yet their influence is growing. We found during our research for Citizens marketers that about 1 percent of a democratized community will create content for that community. That led us to create the 1% rule, which we cover in the book.
We hope you enjoy the book"

Ben McConnell        Jackie Huba

Always wanted to be an outlaw ;-)

Yesterday the book also arrived and my first impression:

It shows The Long Tail and Permission Marketing from the other end of the spectrum:
fans/users of all kinds of brands, music, tv-programs etc who use the Internet for "demand marketing": demanding reruns or continuation of programs, series; better service and even re-calls,
but who are also able to create one-hit blockbusters.

Think I'm going to really like the rest of the book also.
(Side-note, because I'm always very curious: am I the only UK-based 1%-er?)


Jackie Huba

Hope you enjoy the book! Looking forward to your feedback.


Hi Jackie

Been reading a bit more in the Citizen Marketers and it does make me stop and think (which any good book should do at least once, is my opinion). Will post more thoughts and personal opinions about it as soon as I've finished it (or if I find something very interesting/inpsiring/worthwhile to share before that)

H. Mitchell

It looks like you didn't fully research the one percent patch before you started sending them out. Perhaps you'd better google "outlaw motorcycle clubs". Hopefully none of your gentle readers will be seriously injured by walking into the wrong place while wearing this patch.

Karin H.

Hi H. Mitchell

Sorry to have to state the obvious: I didn't sent out the 1% outlaw patches, I was one of the 100 who received it from the writers of the book - which, if you read the book, or their website, make it very clear it originates from the outlaw motorcycle clubs. Outlaw of culture is where Ben and Jacky are relating too in this regard.

and my gentle readers know all about that ;-)

Karin H

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