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Red Tape and Lack of Passion

37% of people running UK companies wouldn't start another business according to a survey by Sage. Government red tape and lack of innovation and passion were cited as the main reasons.
However Britain is becoming more of an entrepreneurial nation, harnessing innovation and emerging business opportunities. One of the key objectives of the recently appointed UK Women's Enterprise Taskforce, chaired by Aurora's Glenda Stone and SEEDA's Pam Alexander, is to increase the quantity and quality of women starting and growing businesses in the UK, and Regional Development Agencies are providing excellent business growth support in 2007.

From the Aurora Network Monthly Newsletter



For me I don't think its as much the red tape as the entrapment of becoming an employee for yourself.

I'd love to start again and this time get the systems right first so I don't become a slave in my own business.


Hi Mike

Your own/business systems you mean versus governement Red Tape systems?
If so, half agree with your sentiment: own workable systems are able to beat any red tape thrown at you by any governement or local council.

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