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Team + enthusiasm + business card = Successful message

A cousin of mine runs a hair salon in our hometown: Camphens Coiffures. In fact he’s the third generation in this family run business.
As children we used to have our hair cut by our uncle or aunt (or my cousin’s older brother or sisters).  My cousin (we always called him Richardje, that’s little Richard in English) took over the reins of his father’s company 17 years ago and of what I hear he is doing very well.

On the only website I could find (a listing on the Young Entrepreneurs Bergen Op Zoom) tells this story:

  • Team of seven professional hairdressers
  • Catering for ladies as well as gents, no separate salons; creating an enjoyable atmosphere
  • Children welcome, no need to make an appointment for them and can grabble afterwards for a candy from the tom bola bin
  • Special tariff for gentlemen of 65+ (side-note on the website, which I really love: “make sure to mention this to our team, your young appearance might throw them”)

Team Kapper Camphens

Last December I got hold of my cousin’s business card and the picture on it tells its own story:

Wouldn’t you be happy to have your hair done by such enthusiastic team?

And why are most business cards boring? Let them tell your successful message.


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