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When is enough enough?

A few days ago I had a discussion with my partner, he thinks I read too many business advice books and he feels I know enough already to make our business profitable. (He meant it as a big compliment on my address and I love him for that ;-))
a – I’m an eternal student
b – I love reading
c – I feel every book has its own merits, its own little better idea (or how to combine ideas to make a better one)
d – like brainstorming with others about all the ideas I read

Is there a point in time when it’s really enough?
Or, as Seth points out: everything – marketing problems included – are like snowflakes: different in the eye of the beholder i.e. every business has its own kind of problems and hence needs a different solutions that no book on its own really covers, just helps to make your own unique solutions?



I think it's never really enough -- there's always more you can learn. Gotta keep sharpening the saw.

The only problem comes when learning gets in the way of action. No amount of books can substitute for getting something done.


Hi Simon

Totally agree with your last statement. Also goes for always and ever consulting consultants to hear an even beter solution to your business problems, no amount of consultancy can substitute YOU taking action on the advice received.

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