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Another (disappointing) encounter with Sage

Over three months ago I wrote about Sage and their Sage line 50 accounting program. How it took them over two weeks to send me a 'Evaluation and Tour CD, which in the end arrived in duplo. How I tested the program, hoping it had improved since the last version I worked with (9, now Sage is on version 12) and how that failed miserably.

I stick with MYOB anytime, anywhere for my bookkeeping, management reports, profit & loss statements, balance sheets and results per job (turnover versus direct and indirect costs per order, very simply to keep track of). And for my CRM needs I'll stick with Mamut, works a treat and is already bringing in profitable results since I installed it last December.

Why then this post again on Sage? Well, two weeks ago someone from Sage called to ask what I thought of the new version, did I want to purchase a license for the program?

No, definitely not. It didn't take me three months to 'evaluate' the program, thank you very much! When asked what I didn't like about the program I had to think really hard to remember exactly what items failed the comparison with MYOB. I'm a full-time working business manager, you can't expect me to remember for three whole months all the details when I had made my decision against a specific item after 2 days, can you?
And how can you, as company, expect to 'evolve' from feedback if you wait three months to ask a prospect their opinion?

It seems Sage learned from my feedback: today a new 'Evaluation and Tour CD' of Sage Line 50 arrived in the mail. Just a box, no letter, no request to give it another try, no suggestion that if perhaps I worked with it differently I would see the advantages of it. Nothing at all.

What a waste in materials, postage and opportunity.


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