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Best 60 seconds presentation (BNI week 06/2007)

Went to another buzzing BNI Ashford meeting this morning.

New week, new changes, new prices (well, new winner, same price).

Two presentations almost equal today and both containing the same items belonging to a good presentation, but only one price, so a decision had to be made (by Steve, last weeks winner).

First one up was Chris from Medash Sign with a lightweight, easy to erect large (2 by 2 meters) promotion screen: very visual and effective presentation, very clearly spoken also.

Second one up was Daryl from Promotional ID: clearly spoken, very visual and equally effective demonstration. Fleece both warm and water proof (demonstrated by pouring a glass of water over the fleece Daryl wore).

Ultimately the judge decided to give the trophy to Daryl, only because Chris had promised to erect the screen within 60 seconds and didn’t make it (85 seconds it took, because the prop was placed further away from where Chris was seated and most time was lost by walking over).

Although neither of them asked for specific referrals (i.e. names of companies, persons, trades) both demonstrations made it clear to everyone who would benefit from both products.

Best ‘catch-phrase’ of the week: Simon of Facts & Figures (IFA): "Right advice in the right place".


Liz Strauss

Hi Karin,
Snow covers the harbor.

Sitting on this side of the water, I wonder whether my response is cultural. I find Simon's "Right advice in the right place." a bit too much head without heart, distant, and undefined -- not obviously customer centered. I would say the same thought like this --

The answers you need the first time you ask.


Hi Liz

Love your input (and am sure Simon would also). But I haste myself to set the 'record' straight (nothing to do with that mass of water): the rest of his 60 seconds did contain heart, closeness and very defined items of what he does best. Will do better next time to explain more (like I've done with last week's catch-phrase) about the whole 60 seconds.

Liz Strauss

No worries, Karin,
I left plenty of room for the probability that Simon had plenty to say about the customer. I know that you have great judgment on such things. I just couldn't leave that catch phrase hanging out there. :)

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