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BNI 07-2007: Best 60 seconds presentation - involvement

Valentines Day, how appropriate a theme to tell all members about what you love most in - of - from - by you company.

Jamie O'Connell of Credit Control Solutions Ltd got everyone involved this morning by first telling us about what he loved so much about most companies gathered around the breakfast table that he didn't want to do what they did, because all were better at it than he is. Like he didn't want to do his own accounts, he leaves that in full faith to the accountant present.
Then, and that won him the weekly trophy, Jamie got everyone chanting: "I wouldn't want to do my own credit control, I leave that to Credit Control Solutions".

Involvement during the short spot you have during the 60 seconds comes very close to adding the WOW-factor described by Ron W in his comment on Kent Blumbergs post: "How to prepare and deliver a great speech"


Jamie O'Connell -

Hi Karin,

Thank you very much for your kind post re my 60 seconds on 14/2/2007! I apologise for my late response, but, I have only just been introduced into the world of Blogging!

More interactive 60 second presentations to follow!


Jamie "Making Your Cash Flow"

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