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Combined Snippets 2

As indicated in my earlier post I’m re-shuffling my order of recommended books to read once again, after reading several other good and lesser books since December last year (time flies when you’re having fun, it’s February already!) I’m sure it will not be the last time, many more books on my wish list.

I’m basing the ‘new order’ on a different idea now: foundation blocks and building blocks.
With foundation I mean those essential blocks (i.e. knowledge, facts, principles, attitudes) in starting, growing any business you can’t go without (or end up on that big pile where 4 out of 5 start-ups find themselves within the first 5 years of trading).

Building blocks I consider those ideas, principles that once your foundation is firm helps you to grow your business in this modern time with its modern marketing facts and new media.

Visualised brings the following structure:

(*1 There you go Robert, in my top 4 now ;-))


Kent Blumberg


Great approach to your reading list. I need to use this for mine.



Must be the 'need for structures' in me ;-)

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