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Flexible employee or flexible employer?

The latest from Burns Waring newsroom made me think of the following:

Where would you rather be: working for a company that allows flexible working (favoured by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – CIPD), or for a company that feels that having flexible working stands in the way of ‘getting the job done’ (commented by Confederation of British Industry – CBI)?

IMHO flexible working, implemented the correct way, creates a better atmosphere to ‘get the job’ done.



Hi Karin,

Being a big fan of the Theory of Constraints, I'd be inclined to encourage flexibility as long as it didn't harm the throughput of the organization. It's not important that all hands are on deck at all times; in fact, sometimes it can be a detriment.



Hi Mike

My idea exactly. Never fill every minute of every person every day, companies need 'slack' to be creative.
As Seth Godin said: "Slack isn’t really slack; it’s an essential investment in tomorrow’s version of your company"

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