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I love freebies, software programs I mean (although I'm not reluctant to other freebies of course)
Some shareware I also consider as a freebie, when a small donation is asked for to remove ads etc from the software or as 'donation for the trouble the software developer put in the program. If the program works properly and adds something to 'ease' my work/function/task then I'm almost always more than willing to donate the small sum asked for.

Not all Freebies are worth to have, free or not; if they don't work properly, are difficult to understand or to implement, or have too many bugs in it those programs get deleted from my computer straight away.

Examples of freebies:
Timewriter Timewriter Lite (Standard) -
I use this when working on certain Projects, it has a 'stop-watch' facility that lets you log real-time hours while working on a specific project, there is a variety in 'stem-items' to differentiate between customers, projects, tasks, employees, activities etc. And also very important: with the report function you can create time-statements per any of (or any combination of) the stem items. Very useful when you need to included a statement with an invoice (you can even set a price per unit and let the program work-out the total value of your invoice).

Groupmail GroupMail5 (Free Edition)
Every month I create our Wood You Like Newsletter with this program. It 'writes' like a normal document but in the background lots of HTML functionalities can be used (links to webpages, adding pictures etc). The free edition allows you to store 100 emails per group. Since we have over 450 newsletter readers I have create 5 groups for this, no problem what so ever. The program send the mail out using your own standard SMTP server, you can choose which 'reply'-address shows on the email. Every reader receives our newsletter as send 'personal' only to them, so no long lists of other readers in the header.

Pfd995 PDF995
This PDF creating program comes with ads every time you use it, but for a tiny donation this is removed completely from the software. It creates PDF files, combines various documents into one PDF file, specific weblinks can be added (pdfEdit995) and even bookmarks can be made. A real difference when you're used to creating PDF's as a 'print-file'. All our down-loadable leaflets are created this way, our booklet "Benefits and Advantages of Natural Wooden Flooring" is created this way and also (of course) my 'E-book' version of "The Kiss Business".
Works a treat! Especially with the added buttons in MsOffice Word, all it takes is one click.

Then of course I work with Eudora for my emails, use Post-it notes- Lite (embedded on my desktop, not plastered on the screen) and Spybot "Search and Destroy" to get rid of 'nasty' bugs and spyware.


JibberJobber Guy

These are great resources - thanks for sharing them :)

Karin H.

Hi JibberJobber

You're welcome ;-)

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