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Shortening the Decision Cycle - life can be simple

In January I wrote about The Secret Weapon: Decision Cycle, how by removing roadblocks, bottlenecks and friction points for any prospect you can shorten the normal time it takes for a prospect to make a decision (and mostly in your favour if done correctly.)

Don't you just love it when your life (as prospect) is being made simple by just that? Decisions, decisions, which one to make? Which options would suite me best, which product/service would accommodate my wishes near precision (and how many times do we known exactly what our wish is?).

At the moment we are looking for quotes to have leaflets, brochures and perhaps even a booklet printed (big exhibition coming up end of April and we need to be prepared!). We have two or three ideas ourselves, but not a precise one - all depends on costs also of course. Where to start on the decision cycle?

A 'chance' meeting last Wednesday (BNI) with a printer (Printing.com Ashford) promises to make our life so much easier: today we received a large envelop from this local printing company.
Filled with:

  • 5 A4 letterhead samples
  • 5 A5 leaflet samples
  • 5 A5 show-card samples
  • 7 A6 Postcard/Invitation/Promo Cards samples
  • 2 Bookmark samples
  • 9 Business cards samples
  • All hold together in a Presentation Folder sample also containing a catalogue with all other printing options this company has

All samples have specific pricelists printed on them, all samples contain one specific sentence: This is an example of....., giving you in one instant the look, the feel and the price of every single item you might want.
I can now tell how different my printwork will look and feel on Gloss Leaflet, Silk Leaflet, Mass Marketing leaflet or Premium Recycled Leaflet.

That's life made simple, that's shortening my decision cycle, that's being able to ask for specific quotes (if needed, because the catalogue covers most of it) and knowing upfront how my marketing material will look and very importantly 'feel' like.

Secret weapon? Or just common sense, keeping it simple?


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