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Do-ers, thinkers and dreamers (and cats)

Are we just one of the above, can we be two of them at the same time, is anyone all three?
Can you change from a do-er to a thinker? As business person do we need a dream first, before we can think of doing?

Myself, I'm known to be very organised, is that just a do-er characteristic, or does writing (in an organised way) business visions and strategy plans show my dreams and thinking traits (visionair?).

Three blog-conversations all sharing this question, each with its own ideas, thoughts, stimulating encouragements even.

Chris Cree at Success CREEation starts it off with cat herding (watch his favourite commercial, good fun): can Princes/Princesses of Execution become Visionairs?

Marcus Goodyear at Good Word Editing really 'gets' the other side of the coin: can a visionair become more of a do-er, become a better executioner with his post: Why Writers Must Dream (But Also Herd Cats)

And at Successful Blog there are dreams: Change the World, believe in a Dream (and why sometimes others believe in our dreams earlier than we ourselves dare).

All traits necessary to  enjoy life, to grow, to succeed in business (and relationships).

Interesting conversations, all three of them. Still haven't found the cat reason ;-)


Chris Cree

Hey Karin, I guess I just find the cat herding thing a funny analogy. Having two cats in our house has taught me their greatest value is when they either snuggle in my lap for a little quality time, and when they do something sublimely stupid that makes me roar with laughter. (Our cats happen to do a lot of both.)

And if you've ever tried to get a whole bunch of cats to go in the same direction... I think that is a good parallel of what the master executors tend to accomplish.

karin H.

Hi Chris

I love your cat analogy!
I'm a cat-lover myself, what a great, self-reliant, honest and true loving beings they are.
Love to have one around again, but alas, allergic. (But will try - might out-grown it by now!)

Dawud Miracle

Nice post, Karin. It makes me think about how I look at it. For me it's a process from dream/vision to thoughts to action.

Karin H.

Hi Dawud

I only 'recapped'/networked the three original lively topics, those are the ones bringing it to us.

I like you're way of 'simple' thinking process (don't get me wrong here, please), for me it's a mix of both worlds, mostly action first (is deciding to plan a vision for your company - life an action or a dream?)

Dawud Miracle

Nuts-and-bolts view...

Taking the action to plan is just that - an action. But in the planning stage you want to vision, which is the dreaming stage. Yet, at some point, to be successful, we have to go from dream to concrete plan.

Karin H.

Hi Dawud

Nuts and bolts from me every time then!

And if you go over to Kent, the nuts and bolts can even be planned. His latest post relates to both dream, vision and action (if done sincerely of course - but that's an essential part of 'business' life)

Could write another post about his 'things' to do', finding time is a problem (specially at the end of a financial quarter ;-))

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