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Dragons Den - short window for profit?

Yesterday evening Dragon's Den ended its series for the moment.

The first business person entering the Den asked for £ 200.000 to enhance/launch her online 'invisible' life-coaching service. That idea made my skin crawl, and fortunately the Dragon's send her packing. Great remark from Theo Paphitis: "As life-coach, you haven't been able to connect with any of us here, have you now?"

The last item, which - and that's a first - gained all five Dragons as investors, is a gadget (Standby Saver) that 'kills' the standby of the equipment plugged in to the devise, saving you (and the world) a lot of electricity and tons of CO2.

But I'm wondering how long a window of profitability both inventors (Peter Ensinger and David Baker) and the Dragons have. With more and more awareness of Global Warming, waste of electricity and CO2 how long will it take before Governments and the concerned public will demand manufacturers to install a simple OFF switch again  on all equipment, rendering this new gadget obsolete?

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I think that can be true of a heck of a lot of products in todays society. I look at our business (web sites) and think where will they be in 2 years time. Microsoft and Google will offer what we do for free by then and we will have to have adapted to the new changes in order to survive.

Karin H.

Hi Mike

Possibly, but I just couldn't understand why all five of them 'jumped' right in, most of them are known (or want to be known) as eco-friendly people, they could use their influence in a better way?

As for adapting to change, will the value of one-to-one contact ever decrease? So, in that case, WWC will still be around for a very, very, very long time (as will Wood You Like ;-))


The Dragons Den power Saver product has already in production by other companies elsewhere

Karin H.

Hi Joseph

Sure, The Standby Saver featured in the Dragon's Den isn't really something new. In Germany something sort like has been on the market for a long time.

But that's not the issue of this post.

Do you think there is a long window for profit for any of these devises?

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