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E-zine on Business Myths

I'm a great fan of Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense (as you all might know by now) and am interested in all things related, like other myths stopping businesses from growing.
Since Dawud tipped me on combining blog search with my RSS reader I found some interesting articles on this, like this morning:

The Top 10 Myths Keeping You From Hitting the Online Jackpot by Jim Daniels on the ETR (Early To Rise) E-zine (which on its own is worth to 'keep' as bookmark).
The article is the third down on the page and tells half the story how Jim Daniels himself succeeded in online business by refusing to believe in the myths and just 'got-on-with-it'


Freddy Rodrigues

Great article Karin, I love J.Daniel's humble approach and style of communicating.

Karin H.

Hi Fred

Thanks for dropping by. It was the first time I came across J. Daniels and yes, I like his non-nonsanse approach. He keeps it simple ;-)

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