Gotta' Get Goals
Prime Time (goals)

For the love of it?

From the Burns Waring Newsroom comes (not) surprising news:

Entrepreneurs 'work for the love of it'

Which of the following is true for your business as entrepreneur (see the article for the real stats): What is most important  to 'go-it-alone'?

  • Personal development
  • Desire to stay in control
  • Creating something that can be passed on to the next generation
  • Seeking peer group recognition

The article ends with a 'warning:

"While going into business for yourself is a great opportunity to create a work-life balance which suits your individual needs, it certainly isn't a soft option," said Tuuli Perkio from MasterCard Europe, which commissioned the research."


Kent Blumberg


Now you must tell us the reason you two went out on your own. Which of the four is most important to you?


Karin H.

Hi Kent

Honestly? (And honestly I can only really speak for myself): number 2 at first (combined at first with number 4). See goal number 2 for that ;-)

Nowadays, after the first struggling years of go-it-alone it becomes more and more number 1: personal development.
(Number 3 doesn't really come into the equation for us)

Personally I think they left out other main reason: financial freedom through own efforts.

What about yours? Honestly!

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