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Gotta' Get Goals

Goals, we all set them, especially we business people. It's the first thing your bank manager - accountant - business consultant asks you: what's this year's goal?

Our goal for last year was to double our turnover, we accomplished that with 1.5 months to spare. Yesterday I kinda listed our achievements of this first quarter and was already geared up to write down my answers to Kent's additional 27 questions.

Today, that 'goal' is set on the back burner:                     


Tagged, I'm it. Dawud Miracle tagged me on this Goal meme, 'launched' by Alex Shalman just over a week ago. The goal of the Gotta' Get Goals is to write down 5 to 10 goals you gotta' get so you can truly say you have achieved your wildest dreams in life. (Read Alex's post for his goals and the 'rules' of the meme).

It's quite a different meme than the Turtle meme of last month, that was about The Top 5 Goals I Never Seriously Considered. Gotta' get goals is the opposite: 5 to 10 goals I do consider seriously, seriously wish to accomplish before I go to sleep that one last time.

(When I found the tag I wondered just for one moment if this should be more a topic for the Stop/Start blog, but Kiss2 was tagged and when the truth is told: I can't see myself, including my goals, separated from my business, so on the Kiss2 business blog it will be).

Right, my goals I seriously wish to have accomplished now, in the near or further afield future are:

  1. Stop saying, thinking: 'Gotta proof myself'. Not in the sense that I'm over-competitive or don't believe in my own skills or strengths; more accepting that I'm only human, I make mistakes, I have my limits, I don't have to know every answer, solution to every problem. This 'attitude' also makes me arrogant sometimes and that's not a characteristic I like much.
    So, I'll start listening to my mentor even better when he says (once again): "You worry too much". I will try, my dear friend.

  2. Our business will grow even further than we imagined it would four years ago. We had to start all over again at that moment, having lost faith, trust and money in a 'double Dutch' partnership that was doomed to fail from day one on (with hindsight of course). We will proof (oops) that our way is the most sustainable way to start, build and succeed a retails business that is based on quality, quality and quality.
    Our constantly growing business will give us our reward for all our hard and honest work in the end, either by franchising it or by selling it to the highest bidder - not for many years to come yet, enjoy my work as it is now much too much to plan to retire early.

  3. Haskettoakhouse As Wendy at emoms-at-home says: only big dreamers need apply: Big dream is to build my house in the way I dreamed of it already. Know how it looks like, know where I want to build it: in this or near this village we live in now, made completely of Oak timber frames with a large sunny garden - with barbecue - and garden room, complete with large library, open huge log fire, reading chairs and settees everywhere, and a study for me where I can write and write and write while when I have a writers-block can gaze out over the English countryside.

  4. Talking about writing, it's my writers goal to write at least one sequel of "The Kiss Business - The Keep It Simple Sweetheart Principle in Business" based on this Kiss2 (too) blog. First sequel deadline: in three years time.

  5. Besides hard facts and figures goals I have a personal, heartfelt goal also. My dad died over sixteen years ago, unexpectedly. We hadn't talked to each other for five years. That's hard, that's something I don't wish to anyone. I learned a very wise life-lesson that period, the hard way. And my goal is to make everyone understand this lesson  and to follow up on it whenever they can/have to:
    When you like someone, tell them and tell them and tell them again. If you don't, you could get a telephone call one evening telling you: sorry, you've left it too late.
    I've kept to that rule since then and that sometimes gets me 'funny looks' from others. Not that I constantly hug them, sweet pea or mollycoddle them, I let them know I care any which way I can.
    Because I don't want to leave it too late, never ever again. Don't you also, tell them you care, now.

  6. (added after I already posted this, forgot one important goal!)
    I am and have been very fortunate to have met two mentors in my life from whom I receive/received freely so much wisdom, knowledge and a shoulder to cry on when needed, one day I want to 'pass-the-parcel'.

Right, those are the 5 6 most important 'gotta get goals' I have. And now comes rule 5 set by Alex Shalman:

"There is no limit to how many bloggers you are allowed to “tag”, so go crazy. It will help their exposure as well as your own when they tag back to your Gotta Get Goals post."

So here goes, join the fun (and track-back to here also please, I want to get to know you - even - better):
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What are you Gotta' Get Goals? ? ?


Dawud Miracle

Hi Karin. I'd like a tour of your house when it's done - sounds great.

And it's certainly true, when we care about other people, we likely don't want to ever leave them guessing about it. I'm all for that goal - probably one I should have listed myself.


Karin H.

Hi Dawud

I'll send you an invitation once (don't hold your breath, could take some years!) my house is build and ready for guests (which reminds me: have to add some more bedrooms to it ;-))

Mark Goodyear

I don't always do tage memes, but I kind of like this one. It may take me a bit, though. I have to think these things through.

Mark Goodyear

First goal: Don't be so egotistical. I didn't even comment on your goals! I like the writing goal (of course) and I smiled at the goal to tell people you like them over and over again.

But the first one resonates with me the most. The least healthy parts of my personal ambitions come from my desire to prove myself to people. Darn it, I want people to like me too. That's a good goal to let go of that kind of insecurity.

Karin H.

Hi Marcus

I wouldn't dream of ever calling you egotistical! (You're too nice a person ;-))
Writing, yes, will get there in the end. Sure I will never get rid of my double Dutch English, but that can be my 'writers' voice, can't it? (Prefer to write in English nowadays).

Ouch, you've 'pricked' through my goal 1: yes it is indeed about being liked (but aren't we all a bit insecure in that respect? - we can't mind read, can we? So we 'question', mostly ourselves).

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