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Ok, new category: Networked - have to walk the talk, not?

Found a very interesting trail of posts on various blogs today, all related to the use of (simple) language and getting the message across, be it in writing, speeches, marketing or management practise.

Kent Blumberg reacted on a post about 'Gemba' and how it should be used, not ridiculed by those who don't or half understand the meaning of it. Do read the comments on Kent's post, gives you a better idea of how important language is, in any country, in any situation.

Trekking forward to Mike Wroblewki's post on another management technique: MBWA, but than differently reminded me of the company I used to work for where one of the Directors (4 on a total of 120 employees!) went through 4 - 5 different new techniques every year! (And the result? - still unknown)

But the most interesting trek forward was to Mike Shaffner's book review on "Words that work" by Dr Frans Luntz. It's not what you say, it is what people hear.
How true and (of course) simple, but most times hard to follow (or to remember when writing - like I still am trying to do on our 12 page booklet for the upcoming large Business-2-Business Exhibition 2020Vision in April - really have to set myself a deadline soon!)
Immediately emailed Mark of Goodword Editing the link to the article, that's what networking is about, not?


Kent Blumberg


Thanks for the link!

Isn't it interesting how so many of us are writing so well about similar ideas right now. Sometimes all it takes is a little spark to really get us talking.


Karin H.

Hi Kent

IMO that's where network blogging is all about, sparking off (and sparking of) each other.

(Isn't the English language great!, so much more subtle - most times - than my native language)

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