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Moving on - but ....

Blogging web-publishing (sorry Liz) can result in having varied and lively conversations. Sometimes you come away with new lessons learned, new tools found, new business practice understood etc. That's the richness and gift of the blogosphere as I encounter it.

Lately I have had many such conversations over at Dawud's. He's a webdesigner and shares a lot of his knowledge and thoughts with his 'readers'. Not only that, he asks questions!
One of the 'discussions' we had over there was about branding and when it would be time to re-brand your own business. Dawud himself found he had outgrown his old 'business/blog' name: Healthy WebDesign:

28 Feb 2007
Blogging, more than anything, as shown me how limiting a business name can be - if it’s not the right one. I know that simply because I have ‘Web Design’ in my business and domain names, that I’ll always be looked at as a web designer first. So, in essence, I’m poorly branded. And I want to do something about it. The question I asked was ‘How do you know when it’s time to re-brand your business?’ Well, you know when the work you do no longer fits under the umbrella of your business name. That’s one way of knowing.

22 March 2007
I’m changing the name of my site from Healthy WebDesign to Dawud Miracle @ dmiracle.com. I’ll be updating the banner in the coming days. This is a difficult, but for many reasons, a necessary move. The short of it is I’ve far outgrown just being known as a web designer. So while I’ll continue to build websites long into the future, I’m going to begin directly promoting my coaching, consulting and educational services as well. I’ll be sharing much more on these changes in the coming weeks.

Good on you Dawud, you have to 'move on' when you feel it is time to move on and when staying 'put' will stop you growing.

allow me to share one tip about moving and re-branding.
Makes sure your business card, blog, website etc keeps telling 'new' people exactly what you do. I know a IT-company who re-branded their name from IT something (can't remember their exact old name) to "Liquid Knowledge" because they felt they provided more than just your average IT-solutions to their customers, not just software or hardware, but their USP was the ability to combine those two.

Only, that's all their new business card told you: Liquid Knowledge.
Eh, so you have knowledge about liquid?

You know what I mean, keep it simple, but understandable.


Dawud Miracle

Thanks Karin. I actually feel a weight lifted, which is interesting. Basically, I outgrew web design as my sole line of work. Now I'm offering a full web-based business development from planning to development to execution and evaluation. Just a bit bigger than web design...

Karin H.

Hi Dawud

If we don't dare to evolve and take the next step, we might as well never start. You can be reluctant to change first, but once a decision to 'evolve'/'grow' is taken, the roadblock - weight seems to disappear on its own account.

Pete Aldin

Great food for thought. When I started up I picked a name for my business that I felt reflected my love of the nautical-navigation metaphor and connected it to my profession, hence Great Circle Life Coaching.

I love the name.

Everyone gets it wrong, nearly 100% of the time. In fact, in Australia we have a major cannery of fruit products called Golden Circle. I wish I had a dollar for every time I'd been introduced as "Pete Aldin of Golden Circle Life Coaching".

But the postmodern right-brainer in me still loves the name. Not sure what to do.

(Maybe I need some coaching!) :)

Karin H.

Hi Pete, thanks for dropping by.

On your own blog you post many times about proper communication, I'm sure that if you combine that with a nautical-navigation term you'll come up with a suitable name (if you indeed feel strongly you have to change it? - no use in changing things just for change sake)

Kent Blumberg


Timely subject for me. I'm getting ready to launch a new venture in about a week, and working on how to morphy my brand appropriately. My brand will remain "Kent Blumberg," but I need to be sure all my branded items (business cards, etc) tell folks exactly what I do. Thanks for the reminder.


Karin H.

Hi Kent

Glad to be of service ;-)

and we're still very glad and happy with our 'brand' name we found all those years ago: Wood You Like - followed with the catch-phrase - Natural Wooden Flooring. Still does exactly what it says on the tin)

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