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BNI week 10.2007 Best 60 seconds presentation

The importance of...

a good accountant!

I have one, for years already, Burns Waring always "adding more than just the numbers". Their new website comes with a newsroom and two articles on there 'triggered' this post:

Tax waste in the UK and Pensions Planning (which in the UK is a very different kettle of fish compared with Pension Planning in The Netherlands and one thing we still can't get our heads around - the seemingly illogic and problems of it here, but that's for a later post).

But coming back to The Importance of a Good Accountant. (And the first thing I advice others when thinking of going self-employed or 'go-it-alone' is to find one from day one on).
Your accountant should inform you, advice you, help you with both items:
a) making sure every tax-break is used (properly - not 'creatively')
b) and by doing A, pension planning is made easier and in a sustainable way.

Like I, no, my accountant says: an accountant who has the success and growth of your company in mind should add more than just the yearly numbers.


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