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Trafficking ideas, not stuff

According to Seth's latest post: "Digging it out of the ground", we as specialised retailer don't sell stuff (wooden flooring, flooring accessories, glue, maintenance products) but ideas.

Now, not that I'm averse to the idea of selling ideas, but what ideas are sold at:
Food & Drug Stores
General Merchandisers
Semiconductors and Other Electronic Components
Speciality Retailers

Two entry in the idea-selling list I found are: "Computers, Office Equipment" and "Mail, Package, Freight Delivery". Equipment to create ideas (or store ideas) and shipping ideas, yes, that might be the case, but still doubtful IMHO.

Who can enlighten me?


Kent Blumberg

I have an idea. Might not be the same as what Seth had in mind, but...

I think you sell the feelings your customers get when the beautiful, new wooden floor is in place. It isn't the wood you are selling. It's the feel of that floor on bare feet, it's the glow it adds to the room, it's the pride in being able to afford such a high-class upgrade to your home. You're selling those feelings, and the experiences that come with a wood floor.

The wood and the glue are just means to an end.

Does that make any sense?

Karin H.

Hi Kent

Sure, we even sell the idea (no, make that fact) that installing a natural wooden floorcovering increases the value of their home.

But same can be said of "Motorvehicles and Parts" which did end up in Seth's 'stuff' list. The idea of being able to drive the most wonderful, high-tech, status symbol increasing tool to get from A to B.

IMHO Seth has gone out of his way to fullfil his 'wish' that idea-markets are on the increase ;-)

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