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Perception: one egg or two?

What we normally do, wouldn't you like to know?

Last week Mindfulness Maverick made a 'mindfulness' remark during a conversation at Dawud's about "What problems Does Your Business Solve" about the 'lack' of links in this blog to our company's websites.

I do link (occasionally) to our Wood You Like websites in various post I write here, but also realised that I could do better ;-) It's the wood that buys our bread and butter.

So, new addition in the sidebar: Wood You Like our 'work' - a direct link (feed) from our FAQ blog on natural wooden flooring, so we can keep you 'posted' on what we are normally up to.

Thanks Maverick, problem solved.

(Side-note, found this handy widget on FeedBurner: Buzzboost - have feed, will travel)


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