No disrespect to OneDayBlogSilence, but...

Acceleration = double whammy

My friends (web-wizards) over at WorldWide Creative (South Africa) posted an intriguing title on their blog: "The Heavy Chef" (never trust a skinny chef): What is an Accelerator Project?

The first thing that came to my mind was (knowing they recently added some additions to their team): dumping a new employee straight into a new project on their own to see how quickly things would turn-around - or more likely up-side-down, imagine new employee running as fast as possible out of the door, screaming his/her head off out of frustration and promising him/herself never to set one step into the office there.

Of course I should have known better than that!:

"We came up with the term as a way of describing the projects we start in-house at World Wide Creative. An example of one of these projects is The Bug Zapper, an e-commerce site selling a mosquito and fly killer. We did it partly for fun, and partly to test out the tools that we sell to our clients.

It is in-house project using our tools (website development and web marketing) to create a new profitable business."

The post ends with a lists of benefits the Accelerator Project has, not only for the work-methods and clients, but also for the team and especially new team-members.

Why don't you accelerate over to their blog and read more....


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