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Loud Silence: Stop/Start

Further to the OneDayBlogSilence post of yesterday I've been thinking about my feelings towards this. Out of respect to all young lives lost at Virginia Tech I will silence my blogs on 30 April.

But I don't want to have another OneDayBlogSilence a year after that, or a month after that, or a week after that. I fear a day of silenced blogs won't prevent the next atrocity from happening.

I want to silence the guns, all and everywhere. Please read further on the Stop/Start blog



I'm of two minds with this.

1. By all means, show support. And it might be appropriate to provide a moment of silence for the families of the victims. Being alone with one's thoughts can be meaningful and healing.

2. Not sure what shutting down the blogoshere does? Or more to the point, how it contributes. Gestures are nice. Rituals (such as mourning rituals) have their place. But, in my experience, the best gestures/rituals have an impact beyond the symbolic.

I'm not advocating observing the event one way or the other. What I am suggesting is that you are just crystal clear about why.

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