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Remember my post Managing your business, managing blogs and time to manage lists? (30 March - ouch, time flies)?

One of the items mentioned promised there was finding ways to make my blog 'easier' for my readers. During the conversation over at Liz's Scorpia mentioned she had made a manual index page for all her blog posts:

"Sure, there were the archives, and the individual categories and the search box, but I didn’t consider any of those to be handy.

So I created a manual index page."

Way to go, Scorpia and I hope you don't mind I've stolen your excellent idea. At the moment it's only for our FAQ Natural Wooden Flooring Blog, but it is a start.

edited Sunday 15 April 11.35am: oops, of course for proper indexing you do need your posts to have titles and placed in an appropriate Category! Until now, this one hadn't! When in haste.....




Karin, go right ahead and steal ;) I hope you find it useful. The one trick with this method is to start early. The longer it gets put off, the more work is involved.

Also, keep an offline backup for the index page. If anything happens to the online index, it's easy to restore.

I was a little slothful in keeping my backup current. Then one day I logged in and found that somehow the index had been corrupted, showing only a few entries. Ouch!

I did have my backup, but it was about a month and a half behind. Eep! Sure was dreary paging through the site to get those later entries. These days, I am very diligent about keeping that backup file current. Learn from my mistake ;)

Karin H.

Hi Scorpia

(Thanks for dropping by, that's how I noticed this post hadn't had a Title! Talk about indexing!)

You're right about back-ups (someone else mentioned that also earlier this week) and the index page of our FAQ blog is on the 'regular static' website made in Frontpage which always gets backed-up once a week anyway. Index of this blog will also be on the static website: (working hard on this index. Boy, I didn't realised I'd written that many posts already!)
Have to find out about backing-up all three typepads blog though (put on list to do ;-))

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