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Space - Time - Continium

The Prime Time (goal) post this week attracted a peculiar comment from Lisa Gates:

"Time is probably the biggest non-problem problem my writer clients live with."

Eh? Time, a non-problem problem? Now, that made me very curious of course and Lisa was kind enough to send me the link to her post "How to stop saying: I Don't Have Time"

"Over time (it’s everywhere isn’t it?) I began to hear “space” when clients talked about the lack of time. In fact, the illusory concept tends to vanish completely when set against the backdrop of space. Once we find space, we find what’s real; we find the right now present, and life shifts. Things move.

Lisa has written down a conversation she had with one of her clients and it's not only an interesting 'interview', it makes the space time continuum relation clear, not just for finding time - space for writing that book that has been sitting in your mind for perhaps years now, but also for every day busy business  tasks.
Since we have time to write lists of tasks to do, surely we have space to complete them.

Thanks Lisa, learned something again.

Further on the subject of time, we had a busy, filled week and I haven't found space to dive into removing the no-follow from this type-pad blog (link love to those conversationalist who took time to comment here).

We've been talking about link love at Dawud Miracle @ and Dennis Stevens suggested the following:

Here is what some thoughtful bloggers on Typepad do to address the nofollow issue. They post a weekly summary of people who have made substantial comments on their blog. Not only does this provide the link back, it also acknowledges the contribution made in a very personal way.

What a simple and straightforward alternative (and I do like simple things), so here goes:

Kent Blumberg has kindly found time to create a free E-book of all his post on "12 Elements of Great management", including all comments made, links to related posts and of course the book itself.

Stuart Baker continued his thoughtful discussion on building trust with your prospects and customer by being 'comfortable' in your skin and in your knowledge: How Important Is Trust?

And my friend Marcus Goodyear wrote two extraordinary post about faith, hope, believe and doubt.
"A Christian Comments on God's Blog"
followed with
"A Christian Responds on Comments on His Own Blog"

On the Successful and Outstanding Blog(gers) the 'Sense of Urgency' post from Liz Strauss brought some jewels of sentences to the forefront I like to share here (and if urgency isn't time related I wouldn't know what is!):

“When your tired of working harder than you start to work smarter” John Feeney

"the distinction between reacting and responding" Valeria Maltoni 

And I can totally relate to what GP in Montana feels: "but sometimes when I’m not feeling that sense of urgency… i’m thinking ahead, thinking… “what’s wrong”?

Then, over in South Africa my friends at Ideate had own and related results in the 2007 SA Blog Awards
P.S: Fred, Mike: I am jealous of your new boardroom!

Happy Easter to all and of course also to Pete Aldin and Sylvia C.

(Time to get some more items ticked off of my to-do-this-week-list, how's your list doing?)


Kent Blumberg


Thanks for the link, but thanks even more for the great idea. I'll need to take this idea up over on my blog.


Karin H.

No thanks at all Kent.

I am glad Dennis' idea is 'spreading' and put to good use by more.
That's what virtual networking is all about, not?

Happy Easter

Liz Strauss

I think you and I should gather together all of teh great quotes from bloggers that we found during our short blogging careers and put them in a book called the wisdom of bloggers. It would a fine one. I've seen so many and you've got a great start here. :)

Karin H.

Hi Liz

Happy Easter!

I love quotes and great sentences. And since the strength finder test confirmed me as a 'hoarder' (Input) I am all for it. ;-)

Am sure we'll find a way to 'link-up' the best and put them in a free for all E-book ;-)

Valeria Maltoni


Thank you for the link and for sharing the little snippet on Liz's comments. Since you seem to enjoy talking about goals, a thought provoking book might be "Goal-Free Living" by Stephen Shapiro. He was one of our speakers last year after spending some time with us during his book writing road trip the year prior.

An excerpt from his book was also in Oprah magazine [ ]

Pete Aldin

And a Happy Easter to you too, Karin! Hope you're chillin' out and enjoying a break.

Karin H.

Hi Valeria

Thanks for the link, I've gone over to Amazon and read part of the description:

"We are taught from a young age that in order to achieve great success we must set and achieve our goals. However, in doing so, we become focused on where we are going rather than enjoying where we are right now."

To be honest, my good friend and mentor Richard C has taught me early on that the journey is the most enjoyable of 'goal-setting'. He even wrote about it in his kind foreword of my novel: The Kiss Business
(And I always follow the advice of my mentor ;-))

Hi Pete

No rest for the 'wicked I'm afraid. Am 'chilling-out' writing our 2007 Q1 management report ;-)


I have been hearing the phrase "Space - Time - Continium" in NBC's Heroes all the time :) Good luck with increasing link-love :D

Karin H.

Hi Korkunc

Thanks for dropping by. I'm sure the phrase is more sci-fi than something else.
Star Trek comes to mind frequently (but I am a big ST fan, so might be obvious)

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