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Clear the Decks Desk!

One of the contributions to the 'Ultimate Guide of Productivity' is about tidiness (Colleen at Communicatrix wrote that fine and practical one). After some very busy weeks I finally managed to find some time for a 'regular' clear out of my inbox (as part of clearing my real and virtual desk)

Hidden in there was the announcement of The Director's Centre Spring-newsletter (email from Friday 13 April - wow, was I so far behind?)
One of the topics of the newsletter is (IMHO) a very worthwhile to share article by Robert Craven:

What Does Every Modern Company Want Now?
"We all want to know the reply when we cry out the challenge: "What is it that every so-called company wants right now?"

Robert lists questions which (well, most) business people ask themselves (or ask their business consultant) on how to grow the business. They are not really questions, demands would be more appropriate: "we WANT this and we WANT that".
Like "we WANT customers and employees who are loyal; we WANT commitment; we WANT corridors jam-packed with customers"

But you can't demand grow, can you? Growing, properly and sustainable growth, comes from

  1. working hard
  2. working smart!

And in the end it is all down to "How we treat the customer". (Now, where did I hear that before?).

Robert's end-line speaks for itself:
"It makes sense to deliver a remarkable customer experience!"

(Edit: just checked my Google reader and what other gem do I find on building a great business people will love:

Adam - Monk at Work - Kayce starts a workshop: BPL : Business People Love)


Adam Kayce : Monk At Work

Thanks for the love-mention, Karin!

I just got back from SOBCon, and there was a lot of conversation there about remarkable experiences and such. One of my favorites was David Armano's presentation — really stellar stuff.

In fact, I've gotta go write a post (or eight) about all the great stuff that happened there!

Thanks again!

Karin H.

Hi Adam

I thought that was where you've must have been 'hiding'. Didn't see you on any 'attendance roll' though. (Will add your blog to the list on Stop/Start)

Did you know Liz called me during the Conference, talk about remarkable! Made me feel a little part of it after all.

Looking forward to read your impressions of the conference, I'm reading all sorts of wonderful post all over the blogosphere on it right now. You can 'feel the link-love' from every post.

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